Our Core Products

Go Stone is a leading supplier of quality Australia Sandstone. Our buff colouring is highly sort after and comes in any size you like. Sandstone is an incredible product, its uses are endless and it’s environmentally friendly too. Call us to discuss your next project


Sandstone Logs

Our sandstone logs are diamond sawn top, bottom and ends.

These logs make the perfect retaining and feature walls. They comes in a range from 2 metres by 500×500, 1 metre by 500×500 and 1 metre by 300×300.

If you’re looking for a recommendation to build a wall with our logs, call Anywhere Excavations on 0438 411 690. Fantastic wall builders, highly recommended.

Sandstone Hydrasplit

Here at Go stone our hydrasplit sandstone blocks come in a various range of course, height, depth and widths.

Hydrasplit sandstone blocks can be left as split faced or can be rock faced as required and Hydrasplit sandstone walls can be capped, have the top sawn or rock faced.

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Sandstone Ballast (drystone)

Sandstone Ballast stone is cut in rough block shapes that lend themselves well to building a stone wall or they can be used to structure garden beds, make borders or construct retaining walls. 

They are commonly cemented into place or dry-staked to form structures and foundational work with stability and strength.

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Sandstone Cladding

Cladding options:

  • Go Stone cladding comes in various course heights, depth and width as required and is suitable for use in both internal and external projects.
  • Cladding can be finished to specification (finishes include rock-faced, sawn, convict picked, sparrow picked).


Random Square

Go Stone Random Square sandstone paving is 50mm thick and comes as various size pieces cut in rectangular and square shapes.

  • Colours are generally mixed and subject to availablility.
  • Size and shape of pieces vary according to availability.
  • Pricing available on application.

Crazy Paving

Go Stone crazy paving is supplied to site as 50mm landscape slabs which are broken on site by installer to suit the application.

  • Colours are generally mixed.
  • The top surface of the pavers has a sawn finish.
  • Pricing available on application.

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